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With Love from England

Hello dear friends! I`ve received this week very expected package from Catherine Daniel :o) She is so good in pottery :o) And I’ve ordered some cute things by Cathy. I love her style and her individual way to make our lives bright and colourful. I must admit that Cathy is the first potter-“quilter” that I’ve ever met, of course not really but via her cute blog :o) And here they are Gorgeous Teapots by Cathy:

Lovely card-tag by Catherine Daniel
To get more information about Catherine Daniel Ceramics, please check out her lovely shop.
Thank you so much Cathy :o) I`m just the lucky one :o)
And big thanks to all of you my dear readers, sweet commentators and lovely followers. Very warm welcome to my new friends Nely at Blue Hortensia, Mariaida at mariaidabenussi, Indigo Blue Designs.
Wishing to all of you have a sweet time with lot of fun and sun

July 27, 2012 at 11:50 19 comments

At Moscow Flower Show

Hello, my lovely friends! How are you? Having a nice time? Hope so :o)
I have so much pictures to share with you. First of all I want to tell you about one very talented painter Caroline Weihrauch. I`ve meet her recently at Moscow Flower Show and (you know me with my passion to flowers :o) I bought one of her gorgeous prints, not painting sadly. I`ve made these collages to show you Caroline`s painting:

Sadly the quality of these photographs are not good, so sorry about it. Please, use your imagination to feel how they are beautiful.
You can find more information about Caroline Weihrauh here.
Hope you enjoy her painting like I do.

Fantastic news: I`m the lucky winner at Madelief`s Vintage Tea Party Giveaway!!! Thank you Madelief, I`m so happy ­čśÇ
Very warm welcome to my new followers Noelle at Live and Dream a Little Dream, Sky-blu-pink, Alessandra at homemade@myplace, Karen at My Little Home and Garden , Adriana Silva.
Thank you all for your visit, for your so dear messages to me. I`m so happy to have a conversation with you :o)

July 23, 2012 at 00:22 18 comments

New Name in Russia

Hi, lovelies!
Todays post is about very lovely lady and very talented designer Katerina Plekhanova and about her brand KAPLE :o) I`ve meet her recently at Garden Festival here in Moscow. And…I`m absolutely in love with the cute bags and clothes that she created. And I took one bag with me! Am I happy with it? YES, a lot :o) and would like to share it with you. But fisrt, please meet Katerina Plekhanova and her stylish creations.

Hope you love her gorgeous bags like I do. I want to tell you more about she. She is realy lovely person, very delicate and romantic. She love to create and don`t want to have a big business. Katerina love that her bags are handmade with love in timeless style. By now KAPLE products are made in single or limited edition :o) The materials are 100% leather, 100% cotton lining and all furniture made in Italy. And I`m so happy with it! Katerina Plekhanova was even listed in CosmoShopping at NEW NAMES rubric. Visit her fabolous shop with world wide shipping! Just take a look, it`s a sale right now! Katerina is so sweet and kind lady, she made 5% off for my swetest readers. To know the current shipping rates to your country, please contact Katerina directly at , send a link with chosen item and say that you found her via Natalia Glazacheva (to get your 5% off :o)
The pictures of my last purchase in my next post :o)
Hope you all are doing well :o) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, for reading and for leaving your kind massages that make my day. Hope to hear from you again :o)
Wishing you all the best

July 5, 2012 at 16:44 8 comments

Candied Orange Peels (source Calabria from Scratch)

Hi! What a lovely sunny day we have here in Moscow! And I feel that spring is close :o), but in Russia we steel have a lot of snow by now.
Ooh, yes, and what about candied orange peels? I made them for Christmas :o) and it was such a treat. Yummy-yummy-yum! :o)


´╗┐  Cut the peel of oranges into strips about one inch. Boil them for two minutes five times (every time use cold  & fresh water). After the third blanching remove the white pith. After the five times boiling make the simple syrup with 4 cups of sugar, 2 cups of water and 2 tblsp. of lemon juice. Add the peels and cook until the peels look glassy ad translucent (about an hour). Remove from the heat and let them cool in the syrup over night.

 Next morning remove the excess syrup with your fingers and let the peels dry about 24 hours

 Coat them with the sugar :o)

All instructions are HERE at Calabria from Scratch (VIDEO)
Hope all of you are fine and I wish you all the best :o)
Hugs from Russia

January 18, 2012 at 15:30 3 comments

My Gift from Notes of Sincerity

Hooray!!! Today I recived my beautiful gift from Trish. I`m already told you about she and about her cute stuff Notes of Sincerity. And here they are RED-RED siam earrings by Trish! They`re just SUPER CUTE! And were so well wrapped! Lovely! Isn`t it? Look!

Thank you Trish from all my heart! You are so sweet ;o)
Best wishes to all of you and thank you for stopping by my blog, for reading and for all your kind words that make me happy :o)
Back soon

January 10, 2012 at 22:17 5 comments

Cute Stuff

Hello, everybody! How are you? Hope fine :o)
At Moscow snowing. The weather is beautiful!!!
And it`s time to tell you about one very nice and sweet person, and creative too, of course :o)
She has a very cute stuff and makes too cute things with a lot of love. Her name is Trish. And this is her stuff Notes of Sincerity ( just click to see).  The stuff is full of kindred spirit and inspirations for cross stitching, crochet and quilting, and for person who loves home & family. I find there such easy-preasy recipes! Mmmmm….

This scarf made by Trish as a giveaway! And one lucky winner already get it! I love it! Love red & white colors! It`s festive and a nice handmade gift for Christmas, and warm and soft too :o)
Trish has also an Etsy Shop Natnkat , where you can find some of  her handmade items. All of them made with love and style.

This earrings are my favorite item. They are soo RED! This is my Christmas gift from Trish to me :o))) Thank you very much, Trish.
Lot of warm wishes to you , Trish and to all your Family.
And to all of you too :o)
Hugs from Russia

December 23, 2011 at 00:56 2 comments

Salley Mavor Wee Folk Studio

Vorrei presentarvi un’artista meravigliosa. Si chiama Salley Mavor.

E’ bravissima!!! Ho trovato┬álei su sito


from “In the Heart” 2001 


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