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With Love from England

Hello dear friends! I`ve received this week very expected package from Catherine Daniel :o) She is so good in pottery :o) And I’ve ordered some cute things by Cathy. I love her style and her individual way to make our lives bright and colourful. I must admit that Cathy is the first potter-“quilter” that I’ve ever met, of course not really but via her cute blog :o) And here they are Gorgeous Teapots by Cathy:

Lovely card-tag by Catherine Daniel
To get more information about Catherine Daniel Ceramics, please check out her lovely shop.
Thank you so much Cathy :o) I`m just the lucky one :o)
And big thanks to all of you my dear readers, sweet commentators and lovely followers. Very warm welcome to my new friends Nely at Blue Hortensia, Mariaida at mariaidabenussi, Indigo Blue Designs.
Wishing to all of you have a sweet time with lot of fun and sun

July 27, 2012 at 11:50 19 comments

Lavander Box

Hello, lovely friends :o) Thank you very much for your so useful comments on my last post. Gardening is a realy new thing for me. And I was so sad when I found the thrips at my balcony garden. I  just didn`t know what to do with them! I`ve tryed a soapy water, but I was not shure that it`s what  I need to do. So, I`ve asked you. You all are so good in gardening :o) I`m so glad that a soapy water works :o) Sadly, some of my plants are gone.
And here is one of my last makes for my balcony garden:
Here the picture how it looks BEFORE:
And some pictures of my balcony garden too :o)
Wishing you all the best for the rest of the weekend and for the comming week too :o)
Lot of love

July 15, 2012 at 11:46 21 comments

Birthday Party

Natalia Glazacheva

 Hello, Lovelies! Thanks a lot to all of you for your very kind and sweet messages to me and to my lovely daughter :o) We read all your lovely words and nice wishes during the celebrashion. My daughter was so happy to hear your comments and she ask me to tell you:


And here are the few pictures of Kid`s Birthday Party to share with you, ours lovely friends. So sorry for not good images. I have had just a very short time and most of my pictires are bad, so I cannot show you our table. There were yummy pizzas, strawberry lemonade, peonies in beautiful vintage vase and lot of sweet and yummy dishes  :o)  I made some bunttings and heart with the name of my sweet daughter and some lightings for our balcony garden too.

Natalia Glazacheva
Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva
Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

 How to make those plastic flowers you can see here .

Natalia Glazacheva
Thank you for stopping by my blog, for reading, for leaving your kind messages. We all enjoy reading them!
Wishing you have a wonderful week with lot of sun and joy
Natasha & Fam.

June 27, 2012 at 15:00 12 comments


What a lovely day we had  here in Moscow. Warm and sunny weather – just all I need :o) Hope you all had a lovely weekend too. Today I want to share with you one of my last makes. I told you about it some days ago. It`s my very Top and very Secret project which I  finished yesterday :o) And some sweet and yummy cupcakes to share too :o)
Natalia Glazacheva

 Here it is my top secret project – purse. Crochet black lace and flowers made by me. I havn`t got a sewing machine, so I handstitched my purse.  It`s remind me about my garden, about the summer, about the sun and that gingham red cotton remind me about a summery jam that I usually make :o)

Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva
Natalia Glazacheva
Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva
Thank you so much my dear readers, lovely followers and sweet friends.  I enjoy reading your sweet messages  ;o) I`m so glad you stop here to visit me. Wish you all the best for this week.

June 17, 2012 at 23:36 22 comments

Plastic Flowers – How to

Hello and nice day to you! It`s raining today in Moscow. I had some time to make a plastic flowers to decorate my balcony Garden  and How-to for you :o) And Voila!

Natalia Glazacheva
Natalia Glazacheva
Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva
 Natalia Glazacheva
1. You`ll need for this project:
   plastics for recycling
2. Cut a piece of plastic
3. Make five cuts
4. Cut each petal
5. Heat the plastic on the flame to deform it (each petal separately), but be careful not too much :o)
6. Coat your flower with acrylic colours
With this flowers you can create a lighting – garland for your garden too. Hope all of you have a nice week with lot of sun and flowers :o)

May 29, 2012 at 18:45 7 comments

My Drawing

Hello! How are you? Hope you all are fine and have a very nice day :o) We have a grey day here in Moscow by now. But it`s time to stay at home and create. I drew a card this time and want to ask what do you think about it. I made this card at school with kids and later I drew some elements:

It`s light blue on the cover. Sorry, it`s not possible to make a good picture right now. Would you like to accept a card like this one day?
Thank you for stopping by my blog, for reading, for leaving your sweet comments. I enjoy reading them so. Thank you, thank you again.
Have a very sweet weekend

May 18, 2012 at 11:36 7 comments

Some of My Books

Hello! Today I read some of my books and want to share them with you :o)

First book I found in Russian, but the original book is “The Crochet Stitch Bible” (Betty Barnden)

The second one is “Les evenements de la vie au point de croix” (Francoise Clozel)

The next one is “Motifs Provencaux” (Catherine Auguste) to everyone who want to try drawing on the wall

And the last one is “I grandi manuali “Regali a 5 euro”

And my new project :o)

Wish you all have a very nice week with lot of sun and fun

February 27, 2012 at 16:50 10 comments

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